In our new location at 4/1385 Healesville Kooweerup Rd, Woori Yallock

The Team

We have a beautiful collection of Healers who work out of Untamed Wilding.
For an up to date list of availability follow our Social Media or pop in store.

Lyndy Jewell-Sweary Psychic
Lyndy offers a range of services from out of UWHQ.
She runs Workshops including her Famous Intuitive Developement Masterclass, Introduction to WooWoo, Guided Meditations, Mediumship & Healings as well as 1 on 1 Readings.

Lyndy Jewell is a Mount Dandenong local.World Famous for her Oracle Decks, The Fucking Honest Oracle, Get Fucking Motivated Oracle & Awesome Children's Oracle.
Lyndy runs a large selection of Workshops from Untamed Wilding including the Intuitive Development Masterclass, Guided Meditations, Mediumship & Healing Events and Introduction to WooWoo classes
1 day per Month she is also here as a Psychic Medium
Not for the faint hearted, she is honest and to the point. We adore her!

Cassandra Hasenebos-Sugar & Spice Holistic Wellbeing
Cassandra says:
I am a naturally gifted psychic medium and have been connecting with spirit from a young age. In your reading we can connect with your guides or passed loved ones to ask for insight in all aspects of your life, sometimes past lives will also come up depending on what you need at this stage of your journey.
Readings are personalised and can include cards, crystal balls, gypsy ribbons or reading of your aura depending on your needs at the time of your reading.
$120 for an hour long Reading

Susan Ashby-Nymet Wellbeing Reiki Master
Sue Says:
For as long as I can remember I have always known that my reason for being here was to assist people-my life has been spent volunteering, and over the year have assisted in a wide range of community groups.
In 2005 I suffered a nervous breakdown-and after considering my options I found that my road back to sanity was signposted by ongoing Meditation & Holistic practices. As I followed my path I became aware that I was an Empath, I attended more Circles, Groups, many intuitives would tell me I had Healing Hands.
Eventually, when my time was right (early 2018)I began the next major stage of Journey-Reiki.
I am currently running Meditations circles & my Reiki practice, as well as studying Colour Therapy & the symbolic language of the Worlds Animals.
Need I say-I'm having the time of my life.
$65 per Hour

Emily Taylor-Soul Guide
Emily Says:
My intuition and connection to Spirit became known to me when I began meditating. My intention was not to become a Psychic Medium, I was merely attempting to get a hold on my anxiety and depression. To my surprise, through the act of tuning into myself and my needs, my own spirit was given an opportunity to shine through, and my true Clairvoyant self was revealed.
Right on the cusp of my Saturn Return, I developed a brand new outlook on life; one that was beautiful and exciting. With the help of my mentors Kirsten Albon, Lyndy Jewell and Kasia Bourke, I have been able to recognise how I can use this ability to benefit not only my own life, but the lives of others should they call upon my help.
My aim in a reading is to assist people in any way I can. I allow Spirit to come to me through visions and telepathy, in the hope that the message that needs to be conveyed can be done so in a more simple and comforting way.
$100 Per Hour

Jodie Garnham-Wild Witch 
Our Wild Witch Jodie is amazing at running Meditations and Workshops on all things 'Darker Arts'
Jodie is at Untamed Wilding Thursday & Friday where you can ask her anything, no matter how random it may seem.
Every Wednesday from 6.45pm she runs a Meditation Group which includes Sound Healing with Drums and Crystal Bowls, as well as guided you through a Journey into other Realms.

Jesslyn Miller-Astroyoga & Akashic Record Keeper
For the past 2 decades I have been working in the health and wellness industry sharing my gifts of Astrologer, Past Life Regression, Akashic Records, Intuitive Tarot, Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Sound Healing sessions.
Since my early 20’s my love of nature, traveling, yoga and alternative healing modalities have allowed me to study with teachers from different spiritual lineages to deepen my knowledge and add more skills to my ever growing toolbox. This has allowed me to share this with a global community of like minded souls around the world, from ashrams in Nepal to retreat centers in Central America.
I am here to help support you on your journey in life by creating a safe and authentic space for you to open up and connect with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body so that you can step into living your best life.
$85 per hour

Teresa Springall-Bodywork & Healing
Teresa Springall's Bodywork & Healing provides you with the sanctuary you need to escape life's ups & downs . Working with each client as an individual Teresa offers 3 different styles of massage .
AROMATOUCH technique works on the body's meridians utilising the powerful healing of potent & pure essential oils to balance out your bodies nervous system to bring you into a state of relaxation & rejuvenation 60mins - $110, 90mins - $150 , 120 mins - $200
KAHUNA BODYWORK ( WOMEN ONLY) - using warm coconut oil & a unique SHAMANIC & ANCIENT healing system this massage is like no other. You will be taken on your own journey to reconnect with your soul releasing locked up tension & emotions bringing you back to a state of bliss & being at one again connected body, mind & soul 90 mins - $160 , 120 mins $210
HOT STONE MASSAGE Aids in releasing and freeing you from anything blocking the flow of your physical, emotional, spiritual or mental health. The heat from the stones warms and relaxes the muscles, which allows Teresa to work deep within the muscles during your full body oil massage, and the warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system 60 mins - $110, 90mins - $150, 120mins - $200
SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE 60 mins - $75 , 3 x 60 min sessions ( over a 6 week period) - $225
This special will only last for 4 weeks (August Special)
SOURCE HEALING - this is a form of energy healing where together we create a nurturing environment where you can connect with your divine essence & release any unwanted energies that are holding you back from living a more fulfilled life. Particularly powerful for increasing your confidence & building inner strength , creating a clear sense of purpose, gaining more clarity or to release long held anxieties . Each session is unique & you come out feeling lighter , calmer & more centred bringing a sense of peace & well-being with each session building on the next . 60 mins - $150,  PACKAGE : 3 x 60 min sessions $400 ( over a 6 week period)

 Kaeli Haines-Geneologist
Kaeli is a Yarra Valley local and one of the kindest Humans you will meet!
Kaeli Says:
At the age of 15 during my journey of finding MY STORY, I found my love for everything Genealogy, Ancestry & History!
Each Ancestor has their own story, from their birth to their occupations, where they lived, who they married and when, right through to how & where they died. But their story is even more than that, what were they like as a person? Were they charismatic or shy? What were their aspirations?
Finding this out & more will help us to find the whole story.
Its only once we have figured out who they are that we can feel whole.
Let me help you feel whole by helping you along your journey.
Kaeli is here the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month with hour long appointments available at $50 per hour.

Monique Allen-Flora & Fauna Floristy
Monique is a Yarra Valley local, having lived and worked in the area her whole life.
She is a skilled florist who has joined our team to create some of the most gorgeous arrangements! She will be working with dried florals over Winter and once the weather warms up we will be adding in Fresh Bouquets once a week.
We will be adding her individual arrangements to our website and you will be able to order Custom pieces from her too.
We are honoured to have her join our team here at Untamed Wilding