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Astrology Level 2 with Jesslyn Miller-October 8th

Astrology Level 2 with Jesslyn Miller-October 8th

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Astrology Workshop - Level 2

Continuing on from the Level 1 workshop we will be delving even deeper to unlock more wisdom and insights of your unique astrology chart. In this workshop we will delve a little deeper into your chart and unlock the secrets of the relationship axis which gives you an idea of the type of person that you are attracted to and also how you show up within a relationship. We will look into the life path axis which is all about your life purpose, what you are leaving behind in the past and what you are creating for the future.

Not sure what all those lines mean on your chart? Rest assured you will discover what these mean and how they are connected to the planets and houses in your chart. We will also look at planetary transits that are currently taking place in the skies above, along with retrogrades and lastly we will take a look at unlocking the meaning behind your Saturn Return.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to incorporate all of this new knowledge with the insights from the level 1 workshop to get an ever bigger picture of your unique astrological blueprint.

This workshop will cover…

* The relationship axis - Ascendant (AC) & Descendant (DC)
* The life path axis - Midheaven (MC) & Ileum Colli (IC)
* Aspects, squares, trines, grand and cardinal crosses in a chart
* Planetary transits
* Retrogrades
* Saturn Return

Please come prepared with your chart from the level 1 workshop, or if you didn’t attend it then please come prepared with;

* Your date of birth
* Time of birth
* Location of birth (state & country)

Saturday October 8th from 2pm onwards